Zombie Apocalypse is a SAMP Server that is built here in the Philippines. It's a Zombie Apocalypse Server that offers a really fast gaming pace experience.
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 Server Rules FAQ

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Server Rules FAQ Empty
PostSubject: Server Rules FAQ   Server Rules FAQ EmptyMon Apr 09, 2018 1:58 pm

The Server Rules FAQ

1. *1-*10
*1: Use strong password. Don't give account to anyone. Use the different passwords at the different servers/resources. Don't use untrusted programs(for samp) and CLEO, they may contain stealer. Stealer steals passwords!

*2: Some names can be allowed for example: "FuckTheLogic", "FuckingNice". Recommended to avoid such names.

*3: New players can ask to staff for changing names for free.

*4: You have used cheats and you have got a ban = We don't care. You have sent your EXP to anyone wrong = We don't care. You have set new gang leader and he has robbed everything = We don't care. (But he can be banned for rule 3.4)

*5: Not all informational resources can advertised.
Allowed Examples:

"See video youtube.com/dfgrHxdxn, cool one"
"Rain gonna be tomorrow D:, omgforecast.net"
"Go to paypal.com to register"
"Let me fucking google that for you:
"My facebook: facebook.com/Duelo08"

Disallowed Examples(Non-Recommended):
"Go to por**hub.com, guys xD All!"

*6: Edge camping aka locating on fence is allowed and it's not out of map. Once you've fallen from fence on other side of map, administrator may not give a chance to get back(even if you can) and kill/punish you.

*7: Camping - when human is situated near zombie spawns and human is damaging/killing just ran zombie out from zombie spawn protection.

*8: Examples:
1) Fake killer has earned EXP with someone. That someone didn't reported(not just 800-1000 EXP, a lot). Thus both will be banned.
2) You have used cheats and someone has seen it. You pays for non-reporting. Thus both will be banned.

*9: Example:
1) Let's continue with that fake killer. As they know that both will banned, his helper transfers EXP to other account/gang. Thus both are banned + who has taken part in EXP laundering.
2) If you have earned EXP by bug and you will send to anyone(not random, to save it and get it later).

*10: Examples:

"fuck I died ):"
"holy fucking shit, omfg"

Be careful with 3.5.

Server Rules FAQ Hellss10
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Server Rules FAQ
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