Zombie Apocalypse is a SAMP Server that is built here in the Philippines. It's a Zombie Apocalypse Server that offers a really fast gaming pace experience.
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 Server Rules

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Server Rules

1. General Rules and Conditions
1.1. Players automatically agree with the server rules when they join the server. Players should disconnect and don't use any resources and services provided by the server if they disagree with the rules.
1.2. We can close your access to the server without any reason.
1.3. The rules apply to every player regardless of him/her being a VIP, Moderator, Staff or Administrator in the server.
1.4. The complete server rules are listed here and are subject to change. Any new changes will be listed here with an indication of time and action.
1.5. Since this is a complete list of rules, punishments issued on the basis of rules from any other sources are invalid and can be appealed. Punishments which differ from those listed below can also be appealed.
1.6. These rules do not apply on players who have received permission from the current owner(s) to rule break for a certain time and purpose.
1.7. The current rules will be applicable after 9th April 2018. Punishments issued prior to this date cannot be appealed.

2. Game Accounts and The According Data
2.1. We are not responsible for your account details.
2.2. The players are responsible for saving their accounts and data. (Passwords and so on) *1
2.3. Nicknames/Usernames that contain/imply inappropriate, sexually orientated, abusive, hateful, slanderous or threatening material in any language either directly or indirectly are not allowed. *2
- Punishment: Request to change it + some time or permanent ban. *3
2.4. Players with staff level 1 or above may not lend their accounts to anyone.
- Punishment: Any.
2.5. Your account details can be altered/reset as a punishment.

3. Game Process
3.1. We are not responsible for any of your in game actions and their results. *4
3.2. You may not use any cheats, hacks, programs, exploits, crashers, DoS, any modifications which give you or anyone else advantage in the game, or ruin the server's work.
- Punishment: Any.
3.3. You are not allowed to abuse map/character/server/any-other GTA or SAMP bug(s) to gain any advantage or ruin players' gameplay.
- Punishment: Any.
3.4. You may not lie/trick/blackmail/impersonate others to gain any profit or anything other.
- Punishment: Any.
3.5. You may not spam, flood, insult, provoke or annoy someone by constantly sending requests/messages or send inappropriate, sexually orientated, abusive, hateful, slanderous or threatening material messages in any language, directly or indirectly.
- Punishment: From verbal warning to temp ban. Permanent ban in extreme cases(very abusive).
3.6. You may not advertise other game servers except ours.
- Punishment: Permanent Ban without chance to be unbanned.
3.7. In some cases you may not advertise other information sources. *5
- Punishment: From Verbal Warning to Permanent Ban without chance to be unbanned.
3.8. You may not help any human as zombie and vice versa by any means intentionally. (by animation blocking, AFK and so on)
- Punishment: Temp Ban.
3.9. You may not block a path to stop the movement of your team by using animations, standing or using a vehicle. You may not block a path to stop the movement of any team by going AFK.
- Punishment: From verbal warning to kick, or temp ban for massive intentional rule-break.
3.10. You are not allowed to use names (such as clan names) which contain inappropriate, sexually orientated, abusive, hateful, slanderous or threatening material in any language directly or indirectly.
- Punishment: Request to change it + some time, or from temp ban to permanent ban.
3.11. The following gameplay rules must be observed:
- 3.11.1. Don't spawn kill or spawn damage.
- 3.11.2. Don't camp near the zombie spawn area. *7
- 3.11.3. Don't leave the map. *6
- 3.11.4. Don't go AFK to avoid attack.
- 3.11.5. Don't kill or damage your own team by any means.
- Punishment: From verbal warning to temp ban for massive intentional rule-break.
3.12. You may not be an active accomplice of rule violation unless you report a rule-violator. Active accomplice include people who get money, VIP, promotion(staff levels, ranks etc.), votes, advanced account data(more EXP, Kills etc.), server data(more Kill streaks etc.) by the actions of a violator. (Concealment, non-reporting, lying, helping and so on) *8
- Punishment: Any.
3.13. You may not launder EXP earned by rule-violation by paying them to someone, depositing them or by any other means. *9
- Punishment: Any.
3.14. You may not ban-evade.

4. You are allowed to do:
4.1. You may create several accounts.
4.2. You may block a path to stop the movement of the opposite team without violating rule 3.9..
4.3. You can ask for EXP without violating rule 3.5.
4.4. Zombies can run back to zombie spawn positions.
4.5. You are allowed to use bunny hop without violating rule 3.3..
4.6. You are allowed to use bad words if you are not insulting someone even indirectly. (Unless it violates 3.5.) *10
4.7. To be near zombie spawn, stay, walk and so on as a human if your purpose is not damaging/killing zombies. Any shooting will be considered 3.11.1. and 3.11.2. violation.
4.8. You may violate rules 3.2. and/or 3.3. if you have found a bug, vulnerability or exploit and you will report it. Only for bugs/vulnerabilities/exploits. Attempting the bug/vulnerability or exploit more than once may be considered a violation of rule 3.2. or 3.3.
4.9. You may give your account to anyone unless it violates 2.4. Keep in mind rules 2.2. and 3.1.. (No refund)
4.10. You may send your legit EXP to anyone you want.
4.11. You may jump before using LALT by any zombie class.
4.12. You may shoot from zombie spawn positions as an armed zombie.

5. Punishment Types:
Verbal Warning - Warning - Killing by any means - Kick - Temp Ban - Permanent Ban with chance - Permanent Ban without chance - EXP deduction - Account Reset - IP Ban

See *1-*10 and other questions in our Server Rules FAQ.
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Server Rules
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