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 Clan Application Form

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PostSubject: Clan Application Form   Clan Application Form EmptyWed Apr 11, 2018 8:05 am

If you want to make a clan section in the forum, you need to fulfill the requirements we needed. Please don't hesitate to create an application if you feel that you've met the requirements below.

• The owner must have at least 500,000 XP.
• The leaders are expected to be active in-game also in forum to manage the clan section.
• The leaders should have at least played for 1 month.
• There are at least 10 official active members in your gang. (The leaders don't count)
• The leaders should have excellent behavior in-game, and not rule breaker(s)
You must have at least 5 members that willing to join your clan.

The requirements above are 100% obligatory that you must have and follow in order to successfully engage most parts of your application. Ignoring requirements above will automatically result in denial.

If you feel you've met the requirements above, you can now apply with format below.

[b]Clan Owner:[/b]
[b]Clan Co-Owners:[/b]
[b]Clan Name And Tag:[/b]
[b]Current members that willing to join:[/b]
[b]Forums in your clan section:[/b]
[b]Stats of the leaders:[/b]
[b]Forum Accounts of all the owners[/b]
This format would be useful for forum managers to set your clan section, so please fill it correctly. Failing to use and answer the format will automatically result in denial.

Clan owner(s) is/are the moderator(s) of the clan section, which allows them to manage their own section.
Clan co-owner(s) have same role as the clan owner, which will help clan owner to manage the section.
Clan name and tag is your official clan name and tag and will be displayed on clan section.
Current clan members that willing to join are those people that are member of your clan and/or the ones who are interested and wanting to join into your clan.
Forums in your clan section is the place where you can move your outdated threads into, to avoid thread flood.
Stats of the owner. This surely is important and required to prove that the owner/leader have met the requirements. Kindly send us a screenshot of your /stats.
Required read the Requirements.
Clan moderators forum account(s), clan moderators mean the owner and co-owner(s) forum accounts. It is important to add this, because if your clan application got accepted, we'll need your clan moderators' forum accounts, so we can grant the power to manage your clan section.

Clan Application Form Hellss10
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Clan Application Form
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