Zombie Apocalypse is a SAMP Server that is built here in the Philippines. It's a Zombie Apocalypse Server that offers a really fast gaming pace experience.
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 Staff Rules

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Staff Rules

1. General Rules and Conditions
1.1. The current rules will be applicable after 25th January 2018. Punishments issued prior to this date cannot be appealed.
1.2. By applying to become a moderator or having an staff rank of 1 or above, you automatically agree with these rules.
1.3. The complete staff rules are listed here and are subject to change. Any new changes will be listed here with an indication of time and action.
1.4. Since this is a complete list of staff rules, punishments issued on the basis of staff rules from any other sources are invalid and can be appealed. Punishments which differ from those listed below can also be appealed.
1.5. A moderator, administrator or staff member is an individual with staff level 1 or above.
1.6. The same rules apply for all staff members regardless of their staff rank.
1.7. These rules do not apply on players who have received permission from the current owner(s) to rule break for a certain time and purpose.

2. Punishment System
2.1. All punishments must be public and should be posted here.
2.2. All punishments must have a reason on why they were issued along with a link to the complaint (if applicable).
2.3. Punishment Types:
Verbal Warning: Not official warnings. Verbal warnings are there to help guide staff members on the right way and inform them on what they should avoid in the future
Note: For minor offences
Warning: For most offences
Inactivity Warning: For inactive staff members
Dismissal (including a ban or account reset): For major offences
2.4. We may ban or reset an staff's account only if the staff has ruined the server's game play or players' game play (massively) intentionally. (For instance, using /kick or /ban on everyone)
2.5. Two valid Notes lead to a Warning. Two valid Warnings lead to firing. Two valid Inactivity Warnings lead to firing. Inactivity Warnings and Warnings are not summarized.
2.6. Notes and (Inactivity) Warnings are only temporary. Valid time range: minimum - 1 week and maximum - 6 months.
2.7. Expired(Invalid) Notes and Warnings should not be deleted from punishment logs. Only those older than two years can be deleted.

3. Promotion and Demotion
3.1. All promotions/demotions/hiring/dismissals/resigning should be public and should be posted here.
3.2. All demotions/dismissals should have a reason along with a link to the complaint (if applicable).
3.3. Promotions/demotions/hiring/dismissals/resigning older than two years can be deleted.
3.4. You may be promoted (minimum requirements) if:
1. You were promoted more than 14 days ago.
2. You didn't get any warnings for the last 14 days.
3. You didn't get a "Week Inactivity" status for the last 2 weeks.
4. You may not be promoted to some ranks even if you meet all this conditions. (for instance Lead Administrators, Managers etc.)
3.5. You may be demoted if you cannot handle your staff tasks or fail to fulfill staff requirements despite being active.

4. Staff Activity
4.1. Only the time spent in-game is counted as staff activity.
4.2. Every staff gets an Activity Status depending on the time they spend in-game during a week. The Activity Statuses are:
Week Inactivity — Low Week Activity — Medium Week Activity — High Week Activity.
4.3. Staffs can request a "vacation" if they are about to go inactive. Activity Status is not applicable during vacations.
4.4. You may be warned (preferred) or fired (if you are extremely inactive) for inactivity if you were issued Activity Statuses in the following order:
Week Inactivity, Week Inactivity or Week Inactivity, Low Week Inactivity, Week Inactivity. Activity Status for an individual week cannot be counted twice. For instance, you cannot warn and/or fire twice for Activity Statuses issued in the following order: Week Inactivity, Week Inactivity, Week Inactivity. You cannot count the second week in the above example twice.
- Punishment: Inactivity Warning (6 Weeks) and possibly dismissal.

5. Violations
5.1. Ruining the server's work by any means intentionally. (For instance abusing staff commands or rendering the server unplayable)
- Punishment: Dismissal + Permanent Ban/Account Reset.
5.2. Ruining the players' game play by any means intentionally.
- Punishment: Warning for minor offences (For instance killing, slapping or warning someone for taking revenge etc.) or Dismissal + Permanent Ban/Account Reset for major offences. (for instance kicking everyone, banning etc.)
5.3. Ruining the players' game play accidentally if it is not a part of doing duty. (Inapplicable circumstances: wrong kick, ban, slap etc.) (For instance: You kill a human while you are driving a vehicle and you are reported for it)
- Punishment: Note. (If you are reported for it)
5.4. Abusing staff power intentionally in cases is not provided for. (For instance using bugged staff commands to gain unfair advantage, setting yourself or others to human without any reason, abusing vehicle commands (or other commands) to avoid death from zombies, unfairly unbanning a friend etc.)
- Punishment: Warning. Dismissal in extreme cases(+ possible Permanent Ban/Account Reset).
5.5. Ignoring rules, acting in discordance with the staff rules, issuing punishments not in accordance with the rules or issuing punishments for fictitious rules.
- Punishment: Note(2 Months).
5.6. Hidden provoking, sarcastic jokes on edge of insulations, hidden insulations, teasing if victim has already warned violator not to do it again. Friendly ones are allowed.
- Punishment: Verbal Warning(if violator has not been already warned by victim), Note(3 Months).
5.7. Threatening (for instance by demotion, firing etc.) and/or encouraging (for instance by promotion, money, EXP etc.) other staff members to give fake votes. See rule 7.6. (for instance in moderator applications etc.)
- Punishment: Dismissal(preferred), Warning(not massive and insignificant).
5.8. Giving fake votes in reply to a threat or encouragement to give a fake vote. (you should report the person to avoid the punishment)
- Punishment: Dismissal(preferred), Warning(for minor offences).
5.9. Making hidden intentional promotions/demotions/hiring/dismissals/punishments or deleting/editing logs.
- Punishment: Dismissal(preferred), Warning(for minor offences).

6. Other:
6.1. Duration of notes and warnings not stated here are decided by Management Team/Owners.
6.2. You will be added to the Resigned Group (orange color) on forums when you resign, provided you are not fired. This gives you a chance to reinstate in the future. However, you may be removed from the group if you had violated any rules that lead to dismissal while you had your staff rank.
6.3. It's highly recommended not to drive a vehicle, use a jetpack or be out of map as a human. It may be considered an abuse.
6.4. A punishment may be reduced if a violation has not been intentional or the violator has admitted his violation before reporting.
6.5. Forum account cannot be banned because the game account has been banned (for in game violations) and vice versa. Forum and game accounts can be banned only with respect to their own rules.
6.6. Staff members may delete their proofs and are not required to present them after 3 weeks of the ban. (For (perm/temp) bans only)
6.7. All in-game punishment commands that require a reason should be used with an appropriate reason. (Wrong reasons include: "bye bye", "stop it". Right reasons include: "HH bye bye", "SC stop it")
- Punishment: Verbal Warning for the first time, Note (2 Weeks)

7. You are allowed to do:
7.1. Resign (by informing the Management Team that you are going to resign) at any time without any specific reason.
7.2. Get out of map only as a zombie if you are not going to take a part in game play (damaging, killing humans).
7.3. Drive vehicles at any time only as a zombie if you are not going to take a part in game play (damaging, killing humans).
7.4. Play on other SA-MP servers.
7.5. Set yourself to zombie team if you are not going to escape from zombie attack, damage, kill at any time.
7.6. Create private or public discussions to discuss staff members' work, criticize positively or negatively, decide how you and others will vote etc.

Staff Rules Hellss10
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Staff Rules
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