Zombie Apocalypse is a SAMP Server that is built here in the Philippines. It's a Zombie Apocalypse Server that offers a really fast gaming pace experience.
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 Suggestions Rules

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PostSubject: Suggestions Rules   Suggestions Rules EmptyMon Mar 19, 2018 3:26 pm

|| Suggestions Rules ||

If you wanna to get accepted your suggestion you need to make the Thread Subject like this:
[Suggestion] 'name of your suggestion' - 'Zombie Class or Human Class' wrote:

1.- If you'll suggest a lot of classes make just 1 thread to do that.
2.- If you'll suggest a Zombie or Human Class you must have to use the right format or your suggestion will be automatically denied.
3.- Do not suggest classes/options already suggested.
4.- Do not copy classes/options from other server. We want to be the most original server.
5.- Do not post script/codes in your suggestion. We're not looking for new Developers.
6.- Do not suggest partner servers.
7.- Do not try to get VIP/Moderator/etc with your suggestion. We like people who suggest new stuff to our server to have more fun with our players but it doesn't mean that we'll give you those things for that.
8.- Do Not Suggest Us to Allow Hacks/Bugs or Mods.
9.- Do Not Suggest Anything Already Suggested.
10.- Do Not Suggest Anything From Another Server.
11.- Do Not Spam This Section. If It Happen You Will Be Warned And Your Suggestion Will Be Denied.
12.- Post only your thread on the designated forum.

|| Suggestion Format ||

Class Type:
Class Name:
Amount of XP needed to use this class:
Why should it be added?:

Skin IDs can be found here.

You can copy the format here:

[b]Class Type[/b]:
[b]Class Name[/b]:
[b]Amount of XP needed to use this class[/b]:
[b]Why should it be added?[/b]:

If you do not follow these rules, your suggestion will lead to automatical DENIED

ZAR Team
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Suggestions Rules
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